The big apple is considered as one of the best places for the people who love to hover around the unknown places and discover new attractions around distant areas of America. With the population of over 16 million, numerous high rises tourist spots for the travelers make the Empire city stunning and interesting. There are few experiences that tourists gather from the spots include some offbeat, obscure side of NYC and many more.

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Whether you visit the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty or The Times Square, there are lots of interesting things you will get to experience while visiting around the city.

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Are you looking for a thrilling or cheap date? Go to the Night Court!

This is known to all that The Big Apple has got the tag of a hub of crime and this problem is not yet solved. As the statistics of committing crimes is increasing, the recent law mandates that the courts will be open for the entire night. It is like any other sessions courts that never close. Here in these courts, the lawyers and the defendants are there but there will be no juries. The interesting part of this type of session court is that general public gets the access to enter into these courts.

Be a part of the abandoned city hall subway stop:

The City hall subway stop has always been an amazing part for the tourists who love to explore obscure places and have the thirst for discovering unknown places. Though it was officially closed in the year 1945, it has some amazing architecture, combination of the glass skylight and impressive tile work upon the roof wall. Later, it has fortunate opened for the public as this long subway station became one-way path joining the leading stations and the one stop point for 6 trains.

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