Have you ever been to UK? Are you acquainted with the interesting details about London? Is this true that the queen sends a telegram on birthdays of people? Yes, indeed it is true. Let’s discuss some similar interesting facts about the great country before you book direct flights to London. Test your knowledge on how many facts you were familiar with about this historic country.

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1)  People love to be by the seaside

The UK sea coasts are famous throughout the world. The stunning landscapes to golden beaches, whole of the England boasts of over more than 60 beaches with ‘blue flag’ status. No place in England is more than 80 miles from the sea so most of the population seeks solace at the sea side doing sunbathing.

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2)  Extensive Transport System

London has one of the largest and oldest transport systems in the world. There are around 270 running stations with underground boasting of over 400 escalators. Few stations are not in use anymore. You can have a glimpse of the massive transport system when you book Airline Tickets to London and fly to this historical country.

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3)  Shard Towers Soaring High

London boasts of some of the most iconic tall and old buildings with authentic modern architectural designs. The construction of Shard began long ago and was completed in 2012. It is one of the tallest buildings at a height of 1150 feet and offers a glaring view from the viewing platform near the top of this edifice.

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4)  Queen Wishing Happy Birthday

You might have doubted the authenticity of the statement told by those turning 100 receiving a telegram on their birthdays from the Queen. It is true and people who turn 100 do receive a telegram, rather say a personalized message from the Queen and also similar telegrams on each birthday after they turn 105.

5)  More than 100 Universities in UK alone

Ranging from ancient red rock universities that could be found in major cities to few of the special colleges who have acquired the status of university over the years, UK alone boasts of more than 100 universities all over the country. Oxford and Cambridge no doubt tops this list and if you too wish to study at one of the universities of London then, book cheap flights from Spain to UK and fly to this educational hub.

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6)  France is closer than your Imagination

The relation between France and UK might not be very healthy but France and England are neighbors. The connecting link between the two is Channel Tunnel which connects Dover in England to Calais in France. It is the second largest underground tunnel in the world. With the start of jet speed services on the Eurostar one can be in Paris in a short span of over two hours in all from English capital. So you have to think whether it is feasible to book airline tickets from France to UK or just board the Eurostar.

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7)  Royal Weddings are Public Holidays

UK loves celebration and royal weddings are indeed important events that call for huge celebration. Recent event on the list was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton which took place in 2011. That day was declared as a national holiday throughout UK.



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